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Action Based Research, LLC
2966 West Bath Road, Bath Township, OH 44333-2038
phone: 330.670.1117 · fax: 330.670.1118 · email: info@actionbased.com

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Rod Antilla, M.A. President
rantilla@actionbased.com Rod Antilla, M.A. - President

Rod offers over a decade of experience in quantitative marketing research methodology, design and "real world" application. Rod is uniquely able to assess key research issues and translate them into pragmatic, cost-effective research strategies. His informative style lends itself well to clarifying and quantifying objectives while at the same time focusing on "actionable" results.

Having mastered a myriad of high-level quantitative techniques, Rod has applied this knowledge with a variety of clients and industries. These include customized segmentation strategies, conjoint methodologies, and perceptual mapping techniques, among others. Rod is now bringing this expertise to the online environment in the form of ABR Online - the Internet side of Action Based Research.

Prior to founding ABR, Rod spent eight years as Director of Computer Services for Triad Research Group, and it's former parent company, Tactical Decisions Group. Rod received his Master's Degree from Cleveland State University's Consumer-Industrial Research Program (CIRP). He frequently serves as guest lecturer for the program, taking students through "real life" applications of marketing research techniques.

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Brian Blake, Ph.D. Senior Consultant
bblake@actionbased.com Brian Blake, PH.D. - Senior Consultant

Brian is an expert in decision science disciplines. He is particularly well-versed in the use of multivariate statistical analysis, market simulation models for management decision making, and psychometric measurement techniques.

As a principal at Triad Research Group, and its predecessor, Tactical Decisions Group, he developed an array of unique services for national clients.

Following nine years as a professor at Purdue University (from which he had received his Ph.D.), Brian joined Cleveland State University as Professor of Psychology and Director of the Consumer-Industrial-Research Program. Brian has authored over 130 papers for marketing textbooks, trade papers (such as Marketing News and Agri-Marketing) and journals (including Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Affairs, and Journal of Applied Psychology).

He has been a featured speaker and has taught numerous "mini-clinics" on research techniques at national conferences of the American Marketing Association, National Agri-Marketing Association, and American Psychological Association, among others.

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Marylou Strifler, M.A. Senior Data Analyst
mstrifler@actionbased.com Marylou Strifler, M.A. - Senior Data Analyst

Marylou is the key player in managing all data processing and analysis projects. Her 8 years of experience enable her to manage the day-to-day activities involved in the research process as well as conducting higher-level multivariate statistical techniques.

Marylou is also responsible for coordinating the analysis for ABR's proprietary Spending Style Segmentation System (Tri-S), a technique for the enhancement of relational databases. In addition, she assists in questionnaire design and the creation/design of graphical presentations and reports.

Marylou earned her Bachelor of Science degree from The Ohio State University and her Master's degree in the Consumer-Industrial Research Program at Cleveland State University.

She began her career as a Research Intern at Tactical Decisions Group and was later hired as a data analyst for Triad before leaving to come to ABR as Senior Data Analyst.

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Miranda Grove, M.A.(A.B.T) Research Analyst
mgrove@actionbased.com Miranda Grove, M.A. (A.B.T.) - Research Analyst

As a graduate level Research Intern from CSU’s Consumer-Industrial Research Program, Miranda first began working with ABR in 2004. She quickly demonstrated a keen insight and aptitude for attending to the precise detail required for complex research initiatives. In addition, her ability to learn quickly and her inherently positive approach to conquering new challenges made her a compelling addition to the research team, when she was hired as a full time Research Analyst the following year.

In her current position with the company, Miranda is involved in project management, field management, data input and analysis, and report preparation.

Miranda first joined ABR in 2005 as a Project Manager, after first developing and refining her skills as an intern for the company. She is principally involved in analyzing data and preparing clear and actionable reports.

Miranda graduated from Mount Union College with a degree in Psychology and is currently writing her thesis which will complete her masters degree in the Consumer-Industrial Research Program at Cleveland State University.

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Shannon Curtis Kellogg, M.A. Research Analyst
skellogg@actionbased.com Shannon Curtis Kellogg, M.A. - Research Analyst

Shannon has over eight years of quantitative market research experience. Her expertise relates to overall project design and management, questionnaire development, and multivariate analysis. Shannon has designed and managed both quantitative and qualitative projects for major corporations such as Brinker International, Perkins Family Restaurants, Keller Crescent Company, and Suntory Water Group.

Shannon received her Master's degree in Consumer Industrial Research Psychology from Cleveland State University.

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Julie Hudson, M.A. Market Consultant
jhudson@actionbased.com Julie Hudson, M.A. - Market Consultant

Julie's multi-faceted research background brings a well-rounded, strategic perspective to the ABR team. Over the course of the past 15 years, she has worked at various advertising agencies doing brand planning for numerous CPG and business-to-business clients, worked as a Senior Market Research Analyst for the Westfield Group and also has taught statistics and communication courses to undergraduate students.

This broad experience has resulted in both familiarity with research methods (qualitative, quantitative, primary, and secondary) and practical, real world experience in the strategic interpretation and implementation of results.

Julie has a Masters of Applied Communication Theory and Methodology from Cleveland State University.

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Deborah Zanglin, M.Div. Qualitative Research Consultant
dzanglin@actionbased.com Deborah Zanglin, M.Div. - Qualitative Research Consultant

As a Qualitative Research Consultant for ABR, Debby brings her considerable expertise in the design, implementation and analysis of qualitative research to the ABR product mix.

Debby has an extensive background in the areas of e-commerce, advertising development, package & merchandising design, client satisfaction, branding and new product development. She specializes in focus group moderation, dyads, triads, in person and telephone depth interviews, dial research and observational qualitative methods.

As a graduate of the University of Michigan with over 25 years of experience, Debby began her career in the Marketing Research Department of Procter & Gamble. She has also worked at AdTel - the Test Marketing Division of Booz Allen & Hamilton, was a partner at Burke Marketing Research and Director of Account Planning at Wyse Advertising. Debby started her own independent qualitative market research consulting business in 1993.

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Lisa Thiel, M.A. Qualitative Research Consultant
lthiel@actionbased.com Lisa Thiel, M.A. - Qualitative Research Consultant

Lisa brings very specialized skills and experience in qualitative research to ABR's research team. She has worked extensively in both the consumer and industrial arenas, covering a wide range of marketing needs:

  • Advertising Evaluation
  • Product Naming
  • New Concept Testing
  • Package Evaluation
  • Product Positioning
  • Patient/Customer Satisfaction
  • Site Selection Studies
  • Product Merchandising

With a B.A. and M.A. in English, Lisa is expert in analyzing and writing from the qualitative perspective. She previously established and managed the Qualitative Research Department at Triad Research Group, where she directed all qualitative activities and provided the majority of the project analysis. Lisa specializes in focus groups, in-depth interviews and in-aisle research projects.

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Barry Radler, Ph.D. Online Consultant
bradler@actionbased.com Barry Radler, PH.D. - Online Consultant

Barry has over 10 years of survey and market research experience in both the public and private sector. Barry is an expert in a variety of statistical analyses and able to communicate the trade-offs inherent in quantitative social research. His experience ensures study recommendations that are both valid and useful.

In his academic career Barry has examined the fundamentals of persuasion, media effects and human information processing. This experience gives Barry a proficiency in ensuring that research data is translated into actionable communication strategies.

Barry received his M.A. in the Consumer/Industrial Research Program at Cleveland State University, and his Ph.D. in Mass Communication at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Barry conducted marketing research for the UW's computing center for six years.

Barry currently consults with ABR on a variety of projects and topics, including online data collection, high level quantitative analysis, and research design.

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Bill Farley, M.S. Online Specialist
bfarley@actionbased.com Bill Farley, M.S. - Online Specialist

Bill has been working in Market Research for over 12 years. He spent the majority of that time working as the Director of Data Processing for a full-service Market Research firm based in the Northwest. For the past 3 years, he has concentrated on providing on-line survey development and consultation with ABR.

He is an expert in questionnaire programming (CATI, CAPI and Web), advanced statistical analysis (SPSS), and statistical reporting (Wincross). He is knowledgeable in using Cold Fusion, FrontPage, SSI-Web and all MS Office programs.

Bill earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Oregon State University (GO BEAVERS!) and a Masters of Science from Marylhurst College. In both cases, he had a concentration in Marketing and Statistics.

His experience has included over a decade of changes in the telecommunications industry, varying from those studies linked to the original break up of the Bells and the induction of cellular products, to the development of directory assistance web pages, cellular phone satisfaction and telecommunication equipment.

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Rex Crider, M.A. Operations
rcrider@actionbased.com Rex Crider, M.A. - Operations

Rex oversees all of ABR's fiscal, administrative and graphic operations. He also organizes and conducts qualitative interviews and coordinates various quantitative projects to ensure timely and efficient execution. Rex has a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Cleveland State University and consults professionally with small startup businesses.

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Makeda, K.9. Client Relations
makeda@actionbased.com Makeda - Dog

Makeda oversees all on-site client relations activities, and also is actively involved with monitoring facility operations and maintaining perimeter security. She coordinates with Mojo (see below) to provide an early warning system for potential security intrusions and participates in greeting all visitors to ABR facilities. Her varied and seemingly antithetical interests include freestyle frisbee catching, wildlife observation, and energy conservation, with a fair portion of her free time being spent in pursuit of an advanced degree in dream research.

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Mojo, K.9. Security
mojo@actionbased.com Mojo - Dog

Mojo is heavily involved in all physical plant security matters for ABR. As “point” for all on-site investigations, Mojo’s inquisitive and hypervigilant nature combined with his inherent herding instincts serve him well in maintaining border security for the ABR property. Seen as somewhat intimidating at first, Mojo rarely fails to win over most (humans) whom he meets, and upon introduction, has been known to take a shining to specific individuals, at times lavishing them with (sometimes unwanted) attention. His current performance goals are centered around establishing appropriate boundaries for all client interactions.

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